Something about me

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My passion for beads? I cannot even recall when it started...
I have always been surrounded by beads, buttons, trims, coloured wool, ribbons and much more... My first memories of the creation of something date back to my childhood when, living in the USA, I made friendship pins that I sold at flea markets and along my road to friends and classmates.
I learned the art of sewing in my grandmother's atelier as a dress-maker and the love for embroidery from my aunt who created stunning crochet pieces.
With time I learned to appreciate the brilliance of Swarovski crystals and introduced them in my creations. 
The result of this mix of passions are the collections I create today, with meticulous attention to detail and great harmony of colours, materials and shapes. All the pieces are designed and produced by myself with love and patience. 
Today my jewels are timeless pieces with sparkling focal points where the quality of design, materials and exceptional craftsmanship are the ingredients of success!



The jewels

I like to think of my jewels as pieces handcrafted with love and care,
that transport you to your own fantasy world!

Each collection tells its unique story of dreamy, magical lands, traditions
and know-how passed down over generations.


I gioielli

Mi piace pensare ai miei gioielli come pezzi costruiti con cura,
che raccontano di storie lontane e trasportano in mondi “separati”,
mondi fatti di riti, di un saper fare tramandato nel tempo,
di magia e di sogno, di evasione e di fantasia.

Ogni collezione ha un tema, una storia, un racconto da ascoltare...


The collections

Cotton Candy is fun, colourful, witty - it teases the imagination and takes you to funfair worlds and holiday times in faraway places ... moments of happiness and beautiful memories  - an interweaving of sparkling accents and coloured crystals embellished with pom pom and pearls.

Chantilly recalls the delicate and aerial feel of the Chantilly lace, rich and precious at the same time. Necklaces, earring and bracelets are worn as colourful lace for a sophisticated and original look.

Frosted transports you to a Nordic world, with landscapes full of morning dew drops that shine under the first sun-rays and flowers that remind us of the first winter snowflakes – finely handcrafted pieces embellished with sparkling drops and flowers.